Single Octopus Chandelier


De La Espada reinterprets the classical chandelier. Reminiscent of an octopus, this chandelier has a globe at the center from which legs tipped with light bulbs emerge. It is a functional design with an entertaining spirit and a sculptural image, as the hinged legs allow for different profiles. This pendant lamp is made using colored aluminum rods and soft light bulbs.


Dimensions: 31.5”-43.3”Dia x 17.7”H


  • Each Arm is adjustable upto 180 Degrees
  • Ceiling Cord Height: 31.4” to 43.3” H


Material(s): Aluminum


Color(s): White


Voltage: 110v


Bulb: 8*60W


Bulbs are not included.


Lead Time: 2-7 Business Days


Product Description

octopusroom single-octopus-chandelier


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